BMW posted higher sales of the latest version of its electric car, the i3, next to the Berlin government’s objective to promote electric cars, according to reports.

Orders for the new i3 model with a longer range battery, which covers delivery from mid-July onwards, had rallied “many times over” levels, with sources citing it was followed by the introduction of the vehicle’s initial version in 2013.

Meanwhile, orders for the new version totaled to 5,000 across the world, citing 1,000 were placed in Germany, ahead of delivery.

Last month, BMW mentioned that it tries to renovate its research and development and aims at developing self-driving vehicles for the next generation.

Moreover, its i3 vehicle is set for a sportier version by the year 2018, while it plans on launching its next new electric vehicle in 2021.


In order to promote the new electric vehicle purchases, the German government decided to give 4,000-euro discount to buyers with an arrangement of paying 3,000 euros towards every purchase of a plug-in hybrid car.

"The [buyers'] incentive bonus plays a positive part," according to a paper quoted by BMW manager.

However, the car maker declined to comment.

BMW i3 Sales Reach A New High

As demands for electric and hybrid vehicles are mounting, it is already considered as a need for most people, mainly because of its improved mileage or fuel efficiency.


Nowadays, people have become more conscious of potential problems that could ascend for future generations because of the mainstream combustion engines.  

With these different reasons, these cars remained just great. Car companies like Toyota, Honda and BMW are making plug-in hybrids, while Tesla focus on making electric vehicles. Among the countries in the world, Germany has seen car sales boosting in recent times.    

A German newspaper recently reported that BMW has seen rallying sales of its latest electric car. The latest version of the BMW i3 comes just after a few months after the German government had promoted its electric vehicles in order to increase dominance in the country.    

Furthermore, the company’s said that its R&D will be improved and will focus more on self-driving vehicles as they considered it as a key for the future.  

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