GoPro Inc. remains unwavering as it aims on doing everything possible to catch investors’ attention. It was recently reported that the company will consider engaging in the VR industry as it unleashed today its Omni VR camera tied to a new online VR platform, including a live streaming service at an event in Las Vegas.

The GoPro’s Omni VR camera is regarded as the most important announcement today. Ahead of the tight competition in both VR hardware as well as software, the GoPro aims to take part of the emerging market.

One of the features of the new Omni VR is the six synchronized cameras in a rounded display in order to create high-resolution images in combination with the stitching software to create an appealing content. The new product can capture about 8k video. It is likely that the product cost of the six Hero4 cameras, including the aluminum rig would be $5,000. However, if a user already owns six Hero4 Black cameras, the rest of the pack can be purchased at $1,500. The Omni pre-orders will begin today through the website of the GoPro.

If a user is looking for a more fulfilling VR requirement, the GoPro Inc has something more to offer as well. In 2015, it released its high end VR device called as the GoPro Odyssey that 16Hero4 cameras that are completely synchronized. The action camera company will also unveil a high-end camera offered by Limited Access Program, however, it will cost a hefty $15,000.

Together with the camera, the new GoPro website allows Omni users to edit their videos as well as share them with other people on the website. The GoPro VR is an integration of a website and a free app platform made for iOS and Android that exhibits the content of VR throughout the world.

In order to encourage more users with their platform, the company revealed an exciting video sample that users will be able to expect.

GoPro comprise of an owned channel which displays professionally produced 360 degree videos, Kolor Eyes. Both previous channel and new platform are similar except for their URL. It is seemingly approachable that many apps offered will give a hand to GoPro VR with Google Cardboard.

With the new released devices, another technology is expected to launch today and it is known as LiveVR – a live streaming technology. The awaited service is likely a modified version of the HEROCast transmitter, which borders with GoPro cameras to stream a video that is live. HeroCast is usually used in sports events.


Will GoPro Succeed?

Ahead of the solid competition in the market, it seems that the potentials of GoPro are quite difficult to convey. Many big companies in the market are expected to join the robust path, such as Facebook, Nokia, Samsung, and Google.

GoPro will now compete will all these rivals and one of its advantages is its too much reliance on the rigs, rather than coming up with an extraordinary camera that might give an interesting feature.   

Another seen disadvantage is its costly thing as some of its rivals like Ricoh and Kodak are made available on a user-friendly device and are given with an economical prices that aims for the masses.