Ford Motor Co. shares rallied by about 0.24% in the past 5 days, and are under coverage by 19 analysts who collaborated to give a hold rating on the stock, in which 7 analysts issued a buy or better rating, 0 sells versus 1 underperforms, as shown in the chart below.


The 17 analysts covering the stock have an average price target of $13.65, with individual targets ranging between $10 to $20. Meanwhile, shares changed hands at $12.34 at the close, suggesting that analysts are expecting the shares to rally by about 10.62 percent in 12 months.

Meanwhile, market players that issued a price target of $12.34 per share should anticipate that the company is scheduled to report quarterly earnings for the September 2016.

Moreover, the stock is expected to post an earnings per share (EPS) of $0.26, representing a -42.22 percent year-over-year decline, while its revenue for the same quarter is forecasted to touch $32.84B.     

The company’s stocks changed hands yesterday and finish at -0.72% to $12.34. Stock prices traded between $12.33 and $12.43. Elsewhere, shares traded with 20.45 million stocks contrasts to its average daily volume of 37.67 million shares.    

Ford’s Fully Autonomous Car

The auto maker now focuses on higher-volume, fully autonomous SAE level 4-capable car in commercial operation expected to unveil in 2021 in a ride-sharing service.

The company invests and collaborates with four startups to improve its autonomous vehicle development, citing to double its Silicon Valley team and further expanding its Palo Alto campus.   

Given that the car maker announced to manufacture fully autonomous car available for use  on the mass market, the company aimed at making investments in advanced algorithms, along with 3D mapping, LIDAR and radar and camera sensors.

Investors were enthusiast after Ford announced its soon-to-be-unveiled autonomous car, it seemed that other market were not yet informed. However, it is highly anticipated that this technology will be available in the UK.      

With an SAE Level 4 standard of the vehicles’s autonomation, it only suggests that the unit is capable of all aspects of driving without anyone actually controlling it.  


Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Available on Ford Vehicles

Ford aimed at installing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in all of its 2017 model-year vehicles, trucks, and SUVs, allowing drivers or passengers an easy access through the vehicles’s central screen via smartphone.

However, the automaker clarified it isn’t dumping its own entertainment and communications software to backed Apple and Google.

Hearing this, Ford’s stocks started to rally and reached a peak level of 1.5900 since the announcement.


Several brokerage firms issued a Buy rating on the stock as stock prices are still consolidating.

However, we concluded that Ford Motor Co. will beat analysts’ revenue forecast including its quarterly earnings for the third quarter fiscal 2016 as stronger demands in the soon-to-be-unveiled fully autonomous vehicles is expected to give a huge impact on the company’s sales.

In addition, installation of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enthusiast apple users that is anticipated to give comfort as well on the company’s car sales.   

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