Aside from the recent partnership of MasterCard and VeriFone, MasterCard –as part of the acquisition announcement - is planning to enhance and accelerate the consumer point of sale experience by enhancing the company’s M/Chip Fast technology with the help of VeriFone. M/Chip Fast lines the fragments of an operation up which some are extremely precarious to safety which leads to the decision of putting more rapidity to chip checkout intervals of MasterCard’s feature.

Succinctly, M/Chip Fast functions to speed up checkout times by putting priority to the parts of transactions decisive to safety, MasterCard told reports. VeriFone and Global Payments will even out M/Chip Fast technology to significant suppliers and traders through their POS technology resolutions.

Aside from the fact that chip-and-pin cards are mostly used in European countries, American consumers and retailers had a hard time adjusting to such technology. Retailers were originally planned to execute the chip machines two years ago. However, due to the lag on organizing and actuating terminals for clients to use, both parties of retailers and clients mostly weren’t able to adapt to MasterCard’s advancement as quickly as they might’ve hoped.

Moreover, transactions using chip cards can also takes too much seconds to perform- a well-known trouble for most users.

Consequently, companies have been centering on moving up those businesses. On the previous year, Square declared that it trimmed about a second off of the transaction time with its reader, while MasterCard presented its M/Chip Fast technology, which “prioritizes the parts of transactions that are critical to security,” and takes approximately the similar extent of interval as that of a magnetic sliver transaction.

MasterCard is taking an aim to get its technology focused on the point of sale termini that an amount of retailers practice in their checkout lines, to add more rapidity up to the delayed phase. The businesses will emphasize on instigating it in commercials where clients are habituated to have transactions done in swift, such as fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

Such speed can help consumers especially those who are time limited and MasterCard sets that aim to not only maintain its high performance on its charts but also to provide more innovative ways to upgrade customer experience with its new technological partnerships.

Trading Performance


MasterCard has juggled last week along its new highs. However, it was able to end well by having a strong bull candle in its most recent trade on Friday. The candle started trading at 116.31which ended at 117.13 with a high of 117.18 and a low of 116.16. Its RSI level also moved higher to 56.44 while Coppock curve, continued to drop further at 1.49 - a sell indication as it is still on a positive range.

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