As stocks edged higher on better prospects over the past week, the oil has been left behind in pricing in a new pro-growth government.  

Rates were seen rallying on bets, citing fiscal stimulus and deregulation will boost growth, kick-start inflation and ease the pressure over the Federal Reserve to leave interest rates unchanged at a faster pace.    

Industrials metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel and iron ore are all moving above the depressed levels at a quicker rate. Higher demands are expected as the markets responded, citing demands for energy will rally if the global economic activity will accelerate as well.      

Oil nearly stood 6% at the close and settled in the mid-$40s as distractions on the oil market has been the OPEC decision anticipated later this month.  

In late September, the other OPEC nations with the Saudis had settled an agreement to freeze production in order to get higher oil prices and to calm their oil revenue dependent economies, suggesting it would be the first production cut in over eight years.      

Analysts claimed that it is a huge deal and it would be considered as a response to the oil price crash they started when they dismissed the production cut. Oil sharply dropped from approximately $70 to a low of $26 earlier this year, which nearly cracked the competitive U.S. shale industry.  

Saudi Arabia Sell Shares in Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia prepares to reveal the most guarded secrets of the global energy industry as it gets ready to sell shares in Saudi Aramco, which remained a question of how much crude lies in the desert kingdom’s sands.   


“This is going to be the most transparent national oil company listing of all time,” Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid al-Falih said.  

Ahead of the kingdom’s completion of the nationalization of the formerly US-controlled Saudi Aramco in the 1980s, the proven reserves of the largest oil exporter worldwide have remained steady around the 260bn barrels mark, according to officials.

US Crude Posts its Biggest Gain in Seven Months

Oil prices climbed nearly 6 percent during the course of Tuesday’s session, recovering from multi-month lows on anticipations that OPEC will decide on freezing oil production later this month to reduce a supply glut.  

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih is scheduled for traveling at Qatari capital, Doha this week to have a meeting with oil-producing countries on the sidelines of an energy forum, according to sources.

Current Stance of Light Sweet Crude Oil

The chart below illustrates Light Sweet crude oil CME Group’s movement ahead of the expected OPEC decision with oil-producing counties later this week.

Given a bearish tone on the oil producing company’s oil prices, several investors are likely to indulge buying the assets. In essence, oil prices showed a significant drop from October 20 to November 4 and is currently consolidating.  



With the growing speculation over the OPEC’s decision with other oil producing companies , we conclude that market players should still wait on the sidelines as there aren’t any supporting candle as of this moment.  

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