Camilla Edwards has spent about 8 years in the investment business. She is a regular contributor of news articles in FSM News and also manages her own blog where she posts daily market analysis and trading signals.

She is an Economics graduate and focuses mainly on portfolio management and investment banking. With her professional experience as a banker in the areas of asset and portfolio management, capital market, and corporate clients, Camilla possesses extensive knowledge in the securities sector.

She has also been writing about oil limits and their effects on the financial system, and also reviews equity indices, bonds, foreign markets, and volatility. 

Furthermore, she has travelled the world and remains deeply connected with Asia. 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Boeing Cuts Off Hundreds of Engineers

A number of lay offs will be done under Boeing including executives and engineers.

FSM News Article

USD/CAD Hits Two-Week Low On BOC Issues

Here's why a sell position was recommended for the USD/CAD pair.

FSM News Article

EA to Invest $500 Million CAD In Quebec

Quebec's gaming sector is gaining a lot of recognition which made EA invest on the said Canadian Province.



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