Giovanni Torres is a financial reporter who dabs on forex, energy and stock market affairs in his news stories. Not only does he write for news, Torres also engages in short stories, feature writing, column writing, editorials and photojournalism. He actively researches and writes for FSM News and its affiliate blogs.

Torres graduated in AIT School of Management, bagging most of the recognition possible from his works even after graduation. He spent most of his academic years perfecting his craft in the field of journalism, resulting to his major breakout in the field. Torres is professionally willing to dish out his greatness in the field to FSM News.

The Spanish-American journalist started out as a communication student but found love with the business side in his later years. With an attempt to move to a new career path, the young man merged his two interests into one and making the writer that he aspired to be.

“I didn’t know what to choose. I wanted to be a journalist but again I wanted to be a financial advisor. So what did I do to marry the two? I looked for a job where I can write and be the financial advisor that has been inside of me for quite a while.” Torres stated on an interview. “It is important that you always get to do what you love and of course you should love what you do as well. So with that, being a contributor here in FSM made my dreams come true. And yes, I am living the dream.”

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Oil Jumps on Forecasted Stockpile Drop

Prices for oil moved higher on expected decline of US oil inventories and positive equities and gains in industrial metals on Wednesday.

FSM News Article

Oil Surges on Bets for Bullish Data

The upcoming API stockpile data is expected by investors to show another set of oil supply decline.

FSM News Article

Intel Bets Bigger on Data Center Market

Intel has its investments getting bigger every year in its data center group. Will the same follow for 2017?



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