Grant Miller, besides working as a financial reporter for FSM News, is also an active financial advisor and speaker for several business seminars. When he is not away with his other endeavors, Miller takes time to guide greenhorn news writers in the FSM team in the finance industry. He mostly writes for finance, banks, and global stocks.

Miller always keeps his works flawless as this is how he was taught back when he was still a student. He makes sure that his articles are grammatically faultless and creatively yet professionally written as this is how he is accustomed to be. 

Raised in a peaceful county, Miller never had an idea about the diversity and depth of the business world. As soon as he moved in to the cities and attended college, admittedly, Miller was culture shocked but in a good way because this sparked his curiosity about the field.

His early years as a student were a struggle but it didn’t take him that long to cope up with the rest. He actually excelled further and his acceleration was phenomenal. Miller was a sought after writer for he was unbelievably being chased after by major publications even just as a student.

With that simple story at hand, FSM news is proud to have him for rest assured; his excellence will be a huge not just for the news articles but also for the company. 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Japan Q4 GDP Growth Boosted by Exports

A weaker currency supports exports, and supported exports boost the economy; that’s how Japan’s economy surged in the final months of last year.

FSM News Article

Oil Rises on Geopolitical Conflicts

Clashes between the USA and Iran are pushing crude oil prices higher on Friday.

FSM News Article

Ferrari Q4 Earnings, 2017 Outlook Rise

Alongside an upbeat quarterly earnings report, Ferrari gave a strong outlook for the year.



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