Harold is the former chief currency strategist at ITCD Bank located in Michigan. He is a businessman and a public speaker, which includes topics of global imbalances, investment and growth. He has also taught classes in Economics and Investment at Columbia University.

In 2010, he works as a financial expert at CSS Capital Advisors and achieved a prestigious award as the leading hedge fund on trading equities. Harold is quoted in both trade publications and has made several press conferences asked by expert analysts and was considered among the thought leader the forex industry.


  • Proficiency in Analysis Techniques (Breadth and Depth of Knowledge and Experience)
  • Multiple project types (Commercial off the shelf, market development, strategies and technique enhancement)

Published Books

  • Learn Forex Trading
  • It’s All About Trading
  • How You Interact with the Market
  • Forex Opportunities For You

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

JP Morgan Stocks Lower on Indian Firms

Shares of JP Morgan traded lower as Indian companies’ revenue remains under pressure over US protectionist stance on medicines.

FSM News Article

Dollar Gains on Rate Hike Prospects

The dollar is seen rallying today due to early signs of a rate hike.

FSM News Article

Dollar Slips on Lower Yields

The dollar inched lower as the U.S. bond yields continue to weaken.



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