Harvey Paulsen is a Danish journalist who has been in the financial industry for more than a decade. He has a unique ability to present complex concepts related to the economy, business, investing, and personal financial wealth in an easy to understand manner.

He graduated with a degree in Accounting and worked as a broker during the early days of his career. Harvey managed risk for institutional clients and assisted individuals in their trading endeavors. 

He understands that every client’s needs vary and prides himself in tailoring his service to each client’s unique situation. He is involved in all types of financial markets and uses both technical and fundamental analysis to find good opportunities.

Furthermore, his trading philosophy is that if you can manage the risk, you have a higher chance at being successful in trading.

Paulsen possesses the highest level of professional exellence and ethics for the ultimate benefit of society. Currently, he is taking up PhD studies in Finance and Banking.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

German Business Climate Hits New High

Germany released the Business Confidence Index for March, recording a new high and continuing with last week’s strong PMI data, which altogether brings a positive outlook for the nation’s economy.

FSM News Article

YouTube Sees More Advertiser Boycott

Video-sharing website saw another series of advertisers pull out after the controversy that some companies’ ads are placed alongside negative video content that are not in line with the advertiser’s branding.

FSM News Article

US Stocks vs. Trump’s Healthcare Reform

US Stocks Reacts Badly After Backlashes From Trump's Healthcare Reform Emerges



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