Isabel Cooper is a journalist who covers technology, the automobile industry, and consumer product directory in her FSM News articles. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and has started on her Master of Arts degree in journalism. Cooper also blogs for Options12, Exo Capital Markets Ltd and several other financial sites.

As a young journalist, Cooper already achieved more than she can ever think of. Contributing to countless websites, she already proved to herself and to the world that she’s more than just a writer. Cooper is on the works on publishing her first set of books all about technology, trading and investments. 

Born in El Paso, Texas, the Texan woman aspired to be more than just a journalist. As a child, the young Cooper back then would go in front of their bath room mirror and imitate her favorite correspondent, Suze Orman. The financial advisor served as Isabel’s inspiration towards business journalism and later on diversifying her capabilities as she put the topics of technology, automobile industry and macroeconomics under her careful scrutiny, resulting to her vast knowledge about stocks and what it affects it.

“With the passion right passion and determination, you can reach any dream and fulfill the happiness that we all deserve.” – Cooper, 2016 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

US Drilling Caps Crude Oil Gains

Oil prices rise on Monday, but increased U.S. drilling rigs and oil stockpiles are limiting gains.

FSM News Article

PepsiCo Issues a 2017 Cautious Guidance

The snacks and beverage company, despite ending 2016 with healthy sales and revenue, is offering up a more cautious, weaker outlook for this year.

FSM News Article

Auto Industry Shifts Focus to Mobility

The industry’s move to focus on mobility is seen as a major business opportunity for suppliers.



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