Bennet has an incomparable financial skill on Leardership positions, financial advising and quantitative analysis. Equipped with finance knowledge including investment banking, risk and asset management, his technical expertise extends in today’s complex business environment. He noted on his latest research effort that the key to be financially stable is to exist on your own terms.


Formal Education

Bachelor of Commerce (International) UNSW Australia

Bennet holds a Master’s degree in Finance Management at Krannert School of Management Indiana, United States


Work Experiences

After years of being a pioneer of trading and investment techniques, he became an exclusive financial analyst in a private firm in Toronto. In 2005, he moved to Ottawa and started his career as a finance news writer both online and offline. He has covered news items on stocks and equities on his younger days and currently, he creates educational content and writes market commentary.


Famous Works

The Core of Stocks

How Many Investments Should You Have?

Creating the Best Portfolio

Determining Your Financial Goals

The Emergency (a compilation of his personal journal on how to limit trading risks)

The Skill ( the limited edition)



Accredited Asset Management Specialist

Certified Financial Planner

Certified Investment Management Analyst

Certified Valuation Analyst

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Sunbird Gets Warning on Irregularities

The brokerage firm got reported on its scam attempts and unethical activities.

FSM News Article

Japan Stocks Start 2017 Higher

The Japanese stocks opened the year in the bullish ground as Prime Minister Abe signaled for a greater focus on economic recovery.

FSM News Article

USD/JPY Totters ahead BOJ Minutes

The yen traded higher against the greenback before the release of Japanese economic data.



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