Jon Lewis, founding partner of JKendall Realty located in Netherlands. He has worked in an investment company and later studied analytical and results-driven professional trading. He was promoted in 1991 and has conducted comprehensive margin and marketing analysis. 

He is best known for his expert monitoring in industry statistics and trends, including his proficiency in collaboration with marketing professionals. Given his credentials as a marketing analyst, he has made several conferences and was entitled with prestigious awards in 2002.   


  • Power Trading Workshop (June – August 1993)
  • Professional Trader Course (August – October 1993)
  • Future Course (October – December 1993)
  • Proactive Investor Course (December 1993 – February 1994)


  • NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP)
  • Certified Stock Market Expert
  • Certified Chartered Financial Analyst

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Dollar May Fall on Trump Healthcare Bill

The dollar gains is expected to fall short as worries over Trump’s potential defeat are closely watched by investors.

FSM News Article

Australia Shares Higher; S&P Gains 0.20%

Australia stocks posted higher as mining sectors advanced, boosting shares higher.

FSM News Article

Sterling Remains Vulnerable

Pound Sterling continues to decline over the U.K. annual budget statement.



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