Leila Zane started out as a risk manager for the trading desk to which she kept a en eye on the prior to pursuing a path in technical and fundamental analysis. She then served as an intern for over a year for the The Street which proved to be her starting point in news trading while working on the company’s subscription newsletter program.

Leila holds a degree in financial investment which landed her a job as a specialist in news trading along with the use of fundamental and technical analysis. She previously attended the Columbia Business School where she received her second degree in economics and in the finance market. Leila, later on, took a master’s degree in investment management following her accreditation from the National Future’s Association as a registered broker under FXCM for five years before pursuing finance research and analysis.

She is the Executive Vice President of Market Journal,  a company that provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Being involved in market trading since 2000, Leila has honed her skills in fundamental and technical analysis. She also worked as an editor in BusinessOptions, where she received several awards for her articles. She currently also publishes articles regarding the latest market and economic updates on a weekly basis. 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

China and North Korea are Trade Partners

U.S. Says China is the Answer to North Korea Issues

FSM News Article

Will Alibaba Imitate Amazon Echo?

Which will go better, Alibaba's or Amazon's Echo?

FSM News Article

Uber CEO Kalanick Steps Down from Post

Is this a brand new start for Uber?



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