Leo Cook was a news writer and columnist for several newspapers. One could find his name particularly in the business section of the newspaper. Cook covers forex, commodities, stocks and technology in his news articles.

Cook is from a family of writers and investors, making him very knowledgeable about the field at his early age. This inspired him to take the same path. Present times, he is a full-time writer who takes freelancing jobs as well. Still having the same passion as he what he had as a kid, this ignites his performance that makes him produce quality written works that is what you now can read here in FSM News. 

Like abovementioned, Cook’s family served as his influence to take the path. He always hoped that their family’s legacy with him will not disappoint and to his surprise, he’s doing better. Currently, Leo is in the works for his debut as he is about to publish his first financial book. Unknown of what the title can be but he assures everyone that this is a big stepping stone for him and would propel him to bigger stages here in FSM. As promised, he assures that one’s experience with the book will be informative and helpful and it is something to look forward to.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Asia Shares Surge, Consolidate Gains

Asia stocks climb as the spotlight turns to US economic policies. Stocks also further secured recent gains with Chinese equities rising to a new high.

FSM News Article

EUR/USD Plunges on ECB, Political Risks

Euro falls against the greenback as political worries in the euro zone and the ECB’s upcoming reduction monthly bond-buying volumes pressured the single currency on Tuesday.

FSM News Article

Sneak Peek at Apple Inc's Q1 Earnings

Here’s what investors should expect on the upcoming earnings release of the iPhone maker.



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