Megan’s previous occupations in business firms contributed to her knowledge in sales, finance and business.  She later resigned from her work in the accounting department to pursue writing, covering topics she knows very well. Reed occasionally travels to study, sign up for workshops and seminars on trading.

Writing has been her first love in terms of profession. With the knowledge she bargained from her first job, she exceptionally incorporates them in every article she writes, enhancing each with impressive quality and slathering each with informative excellence.

Speaking of first love, Mrs. Reed married her high school sweet heart who is a financial advisor as well. The two has been sharing ideas and strategies together and with that, Reed’s ideas are so great that it brought various successes to her clients as a writer and as the former advisor that she was as well.

“I’m so grateful that even my husband gets to help me with my work, not that I’m reliant though. We share ideas to each other and that alone is already a great help for me. Our clients are very satisfied with our advices and it has always been a great feeling knowing that because of you, one is successful and that feeling is always a rewarding feeling. Not just for me, but for my family as well.” Reed said. “I will always contribute to each and everyone here in this site and I can assure you that I wouldn’t just keep you guys informed, I will make sure that once you leave this site, you’ll leave with a handful of knowledge and you’ll want to come back for more.”  


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