Molly King is an award-winning news writer. She has been engaged in digital marketing for over 14 years in the Unites States, Europe, Middle East and Canada. Currently working as a financial analyst, she provides fundamental and technical analysis for clients.

King is a woman with many skills, talents and exceptional knowledge. Her more than decade old in experiencing and learning cultures in the digital marketing scene has paved the way for her exemplar understanding of people and their needs. This same understanding is what she wields now as a financial analyst, together with her keenness and dedication in studying and analyzing trends. She contributes her spot-on fundamental and technical analyses to FSM News. Molly King has been awarded and praised for her many detailed, accurate and paramount news stories and analyses.

Besides that, she utilizes her vast knowledge and expertise in providing trade plans, financial advice and strategies for traders and investors. She is consulted by many businesspeople worldwide, going so far as speaking and providing detailed plans for large companies and creating a strategy plan for them to maximize profit with the available resources they have. Molly King prides herself with the many companies she has served that in turn gives her a chance to explore and study business and working dynamics. A woman with endless connections with the financial world, King can teach anyone easily the ropes in starting a business and aid them in both the marketing and financial aspect of it.

Truly, an award-winning writer, financial analyst, and consultant like Molly King is a diamond in a field of scrap metals. This lady spends her weekends relaxing with her family, watching Gilmore Girls and FRIENDS over and over, if not documentaries on space and animals. 

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Why Tesla Is Expected To Rally Further

Tesla To Rally In Model 3 Anticipation Despite Huge Losses

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Credit Suisse To Raise 4BN

Credit Suisse Announces Plans To Raise 4 Billion Swiss francs During Earnings Call



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