Paul Simmons is a professional trader and financial analyst who has years of experience in forex trading. He has broad experience in financial markets, including stocks, indices and commodities. He joined their community radio in his early thirties and was assigned in the lifestyle sector. Simmons is highly influenced by Wallace Wattles, John C. Boogle, David Dodd and Burton Malkiel.


Formal Education

Accountancy with Finance BAcc (Hons) – University of Glasgow

Simmons finished his masteral degree at University of Newcastle, Australia and moved to Queensland to take a doctorate degree at Central Queensland University.


Through his remarkable knowledge and skills, he’s passionate in helping novice traders to succeed in financial trading. Aside from digital publications, he supports financial writing afionados on how to write coherent piece with an investigative tone as they save and make money at the same time.

Volunteer Works

·         Bond Market Interest Rates : Young Traders’ Conference (Guest Speaker)

·         The Role of the Government Agency Bonds (Resource Speaker)

·         Determining Your Asset Mix and Core Investment (Resource Speaker)

·         Unlocking the Secrets of Forex Trading (Main Speaker)

·         Best Retirement Investments (Guest Speaker)

·         Visiting Professor at Desautels Faculty of Management

Famous Works

·         How Money Made the World

·         The Hidden Side of Trading

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