Reese Hall is a financial reporter, writer and researcher for FSM News. A graduate of Economics, Hall’s topics of choice are unsurprisingly economy, forex, stocks and commodities. Alongside her news writing, she is also currently taking up journalism.

A preppy, confident and clever woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, Hall serves as FSM News’ most outspoken member when it comes to economic issues and crises. She is passionate in writing about the latest outbreaks in the market, and even does so while studying as present. She leads the research and writing team into the latest trends and how each economy is faring among the issues that arise day by day. After finishing her education in journalism, Hall plans to teach economic or social studies subjects in colleges and even give conferences and seminars in the same mentioned fields. If not an educator, Halls would want to come back to being a financial risk analyst, or engage in being an investment or actuarial analyst.

Hall writes for other sites as well, and continues to contribute to Forbes for news articles in business and economy. Before engaging in news writing, she has worked as a stockbroker for nearly three years, and then consequently a financial risk analyst for another two years. Since then, she has decided to carve her own path independently to help traders via writing news and offering her analysis expertise to those who consult her.

Does she know how to relax? Barely. At home, Reese Hall constantly flips through news channels to constantly comment on the current global economy. Newspapers are also her diary. But even though her nose is always in the news, Hall spends the late afternoon baking muffins and cookies for her family, or trying her hand in knitting.

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