The Japanese Yen has recently surged by half a percent after the central bank of the country announced it would be cutting down the amount of long-dated Japanese government bonds that intends to purchase over the course of time.

However, the Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda noted that the institution may not tighten its monetary soon as it was speculated. It was been heavily rumored in the markets that the bank will tighten it this year. Feasibly, the country would spend 10-year Japanese government bond yield to further reach their target number of zero.

BoJ has recently announced on Tuesday its plans to buy 190bn of JGBs with around 10 to 25 years before their expected maturity period. This is reported to be a ¥10bn reduction from the preceding records for such bonds back in the 28th of December.

To add, the central bank of Japan announced that it has abridged the amount of JGBs with 25 to 40 years to maturity by the equivalent expanse to ¥90bn.

The BoJ was proposing to acquire ¥190bn of JGBs with 10 to 25 years of pending maturity in the preceding year. The institution likewise offered to buy ¥110bn of 25 to 40 year JGBs as well.

As for the country’s currency, the yen had its trades at ¥112.59 against the US dollar from around ¥113.16 previously on Tuesday’s day trades.

JPY/USD Performance


As mentioned, the pair of the Japanese Yen against the US Greenback is currently trading bullishly. It is currently up by 45% to 0.00038 points at the time of writing. The pair could also finish at its current price level of 0.008878.

The Relative Strength Index also surged at 53.12, mirroring the performance above. The sharp increase could continue in its coming sessions as supported by the news above.

Lastly, the Coppock curve of the pair has finally inched forward towards the positive region. It is currently at 0.41 which would recommend a buy for the pair.

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