The biggest conglomerate in South Korea and one of the biggest tech companies in the industry has announced several plans they have for their fan base and for the whole market. Samsung recently announced that they are looking to develop foldable smartphones and voice controlled speakers; while the biggest announcement was their decision to dive in the autonomous driving market.

Samsung is very eager to step their foot on the gas pedal as they plan to take big names in the market such as Tesla, with their recent Harman acquisition; a respectable audio equipment developer that is expected to help the company in various more of facets.


Foldable Smartphone

Smartphones have been taking a simple lane and path in terms of designs, this time around, Samsung is looking to give a bit of a throwback to the possible flip smartphone design they are pursuing. On a more specific term, the company is looking to create a smartphone that will have a bendable feature although a bit of hurdle remains for them.

The company’s president of mobile business, Koh Dong-jin noted that "As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year," he also added that. "When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product." Albeit, he didn’t go on a deep dive on what are the hovering problems they have; while analysts are suggesting that the foldable project is going to take an ample or a generous amount of time to be mass produced for the publics.


New Speakers and Autonomous Plight

Koh also mentioned the production of a revolutionary speaker, to be specific an auto-system that will be co-engineered by their latest acquisition, Harman. The company unveiled that they are going to push through with theses revolutionary speakers that will be partnered with artificial intelligence feature that can be communicated to command orders such as playing music and plenty more tasks.

It is not disclosed on when Samsung is going to introduce or make the speaker available for the public; on the other hand, Amazon and Google have created these kinds of speakers which are voice-controlled and are already hitting the market. Meanwhile, Samsung’s closest competitor, Apple, is also expected to release a similar speaker dubbed the Homepod and is expected to hit the shelves earlier next year.

The speaker is expected to accompany Samsung’s Bixby in terms of controls and other controls. Samsung has also been reportedly teaming up with the global leader of robust networking and safety controls, TTTech; the duo are looking to develop a great solution for the ‘the next generation of highly integrated and data-intensive safety systems’.

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