The immense number of alluring stocks out in the market may seem to drown you with possibilities, but these 3 stocks are looking poised to conquer 2017 with a storm. Top 3 stocks are as follows; Walt Disney, Amazon, and Activision Blizzard are among the stocks to look forwards too as the year creeps nearer and nearer to its half point.

Tech related stocks are highly considered to be in their prime as the industrial development from several countries are always if not seldom, tied in with some technological advancements as well. One thing that also helps these stocks is the growing market for tech-related needs; this makes Amazon a very practical choice for a stock to invest in.



This phenomenon of an online achievement, both in tech and in retail, is one stock to really keep a close eye on too. Amazon has been really grinding its gears and looking to stay ahead of the competition, it manages to advance a total of 27% last 2016 on a year-on-year basis and manages to take a revenue of $136 billion in the same year. The company’s current offering of Amazon Prime, which gives its customer 2-day shipping and the access to a library of movies and TV shows available for online streaming.

Amazon has an estimated 70 million subscribers for their Amazon Prime; each of them pays $99 per year for their membership. According to e-marketing analysts, the company is looking to gain as much as $27 trillion on its worldwide retail sales by 2020.


Activision Blizzard

One of the most advancing industries in the current market is the gaming industry; it takes a huge chunk in the pie of the forms of entertainment in the world. Currently, the gaming industry garners an estimated $100 billion and counting per annum. Activision Blizzard, on the other hand, is one of the crowd favorite for their best-selling games in a magnanimous amount of platforms, from PC to mobile.

Last year, the company released data that players spent an average of 43 billion hours according to the company’s entire game folio; this comes second to Netflix’s 45 billion hours spent by its subscribers streaming shows and content. The latest endeavor the company aims is to have a professional e-sports league from their smash game Overwatch which tallies 25 million of registered players all across the globe.


Walt Disney

Disney is one of the stocks that you need to buy and not sell, with its live-action Beauty and the Beast garnering $1 billion at the box office in March. The company is also set to release, Star Wars; The Last Jedi in December which is a highly anticipated follow up movie from 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Walt Disney’s Marvel studio is also on set to release Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in May and another sequel for its Thor franchise somewhere around in November.

While the company’s Pixar animated studio is also looking to release Cars 3 and Coco. Considering all the money it can make with its movies, some of its earnings are also highly influenced by; licensed toys and consumer product and its major theme parks all across the globe. It is considered a timeless brand that has impacted generations after generations on the market; this alone provokes Walt Disney as a stock to buy and never to sell.

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