Dougherty & Co analyst deliberates the upcoming GoPro Hero5 camera following some FCC filings. 

Sell-side firm analyst Dougherty & Co analyst, Charles Anderson, announced the launching of GoPro Inc’s next action camera, Hero5 Black today. The analyst highlighted the upcoming camera’s prospects amid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings made last weekend.

With GoPro’s recent filing with the FCC, it suggests that the Hero5 Black would be the company’s first action camera that includes a built-in GPS and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Mr. Anderson said. In addition, the action camera would feature a slimmer type unit compared to the previous iteration.  

Meanwhile, there were rumors about the upcoming action camera that it would include a cellular connectivity feature along with dual lenses designed to capture 360 degree photos and videos, citing it is widely anticipated to be available in late September of early October.


However, the analyst declined these speculations as he witnessed no evidence about the said features in the filings with FCC.

Further, the analyst also stated that the 360 degree camera could not be excluded as the FCC filings are “fairly incomplete” in terms of providing coverage to the entire hardware setup of the product.

Apparently, Mr. Anderson defended that the cellular connectivity options seemed foreclose the option as the United States authority would have an initial test on the Hero5 Black action camera.   

The analyst also said: “We note that GoPro has not filed any FCC applications yet for the Hero5 Silver. The last generation, the Hero4 Silver camera came with an LCD touchscreen while the Hero4 Black did not.”


Judging from the earlier trends, Dougherty & Co analyst mentioned that the company offers the highest image quality for the Black version of its cameras, citing the Silver version varies in features, but with a lower image quality.

A Thinner Hero5 Black

Dougherty & Co. commented on the soon-to-be-announced GoPro’s next action camera amid FCC filings last week.

Analyst Charles Anderson noted amid the filings that the GoPro Hero5 Black camera is "about 16% thinner than its predecessor and will be the first GoPro camera to have built-in GPS and 802.11ac Wi-Fi."

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