AMC Networks Inc. has recently posted mixed financial earnings in the recent third quarter of 2017. The bottom line data has been reported to have surpassed the market estimates as the top line data have failed to do so.

The net income of the media company was announced to be at $87 million which is $1.35 for each share - an upsurge from last year’s $65.4 million or 91 cents per share. Quarterly adjusted earnings per share also increased at $1.68 beating the market estimate of $1.15.

As for the total revenues of the company, figures indicated a data of $648 million which is a 2.1% increase in a year over year basis. The data has missed the estimated figures of $656 million. More so, the National Networks revenues added 3% from a year-over-year basis. It was revealed to be at $541.4 million for the said quarter. International and Other revenues totaled $112.8 million, down 1.1% year over year.


The Cast of Walking Dead the series - one of AMC's famed TV Series.

The total adjusted operating income for the said period was at $200.4 million - a 19.2% increase in a year over year data. National Networks AOI earned $199.7 million which is also an upsurge of 22.9%, whereas the International and Other AOI summed up to $8.2 million which is actually a decline 25.1%.

In other data, Operating costs and expenses made it to $494.7 million – a decline by $517.5 million in the preceding year’s quarter. Furthermore, operating income was announced to be at $153.4 million which is a momentous increase of 30.9% in a year over year basis. Operating margin for the period was at 23.7% - a decline by 18.5% from the quarter of last year’s.

If to compare with the preceding year’s data of $426.6 million, AMC Networks has been able to produce $273.6 million of cash for the current period. Free cash flow in the said period was at $195.7 million – down from $373.1 million from the preceding year’s data.  In the recent quarter however, AMC Networks had generated $552.3 million of cash s and $3.150 million of debt unresolved.

 Trading Performance


AMC Networks apparently is having difficulties in showing a clear trend in its recent trades. The recent candle is bullish though and concluded trades at 49.27.

As for the relative strength index, the indicator remained flat in its recent trades along with the Coppock curve indicator. The RSI remained at the 30’s region and is specifically at 35.19 as the Coppock curve indicated a performance deep in the negative regions of -20.19. With such, a sell would be advised since no clear trends can be seen.

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