The Advanced Micro Devices is looking to start the year with a strong foot forward in the consumer electronics market; the tech giant is looking to announce the continuation of their highly regarded Ryzen and Vega line up this year.

AMD is also looking to benefit from the recent debacle that Intel has with the massive design flaw they have on their previous manufactured chips. The design flaw creates massive security issues for its users, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the biggest problems the Intel chips had is the major performance loss which forces the consumers to upgrade.

The tech company is looking to create as staple name on the consumer electronics market; AMD is looking to continue is dominating performance with various more announcements this CES 2018 and are also looking to give Intel a run for their money.


CES 2018 Announcements

AMD took the whole CES stage to a whole new level, after the success of their Ryzen lineup, the company looks to repeat their market performance with their second generation chipsets. According to the company, they are looking to introduce their second-gen Threadripper and the follow up to their Zen line-up which is dubbed as Zen 2 and even teased the Zen 3.

The company has also introduced their next-next-generation of 7 nanometer GPUS; their Vega GPU line up is also introduced to enter the smartphones this year as they create mobile Vega chips for their future market expansion.


CEO’s Note and New APUS

CEO Lisa Su noted that “For us, it is all about high-performance computing “and” High-performance computing is absolutely the most exciting part of the semiconductor industry today." This is brought after they unveiled their plans to create a massive line of their popular APU chipset with Ryzen and Vega graphics integration.

The beastly APUs are dubbed as the Ryzen Pro Mobile; this new APU is geared towards the progression of notebooks; according to AMD, they are looking give the traditional notebooks an enterprise-class feature and extends their reliability.

2017 has been a great year for the company; they managed to cement a great name for consumers and even creating a big buzz as they give Intel a run for their money and force them to introduce premature product lineups. Their dominating year didn’t stop with their CPU success; they also managed to create a big wave in the GPU market, with their RX and Vega line-up being popular with both gamers and even through digital currency miners.

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