Activision Blizzard has recently reported that its purchase of mobile game creator King Digital Entertainment has been finalized. As stated by reports, the business funded $18 for every outstanding share, for a complete acquisition value of $5.9 billion.

Activision Blizzard is already one of the known and biggest game developers/publishers in the gaming sector. With the recent purchase of KDE, the corporation’s games will now spread beyond 500 million users, resulting to Activision being the leading game system globally.

In the gaming industry, the said acquisition is probably one of the most noteworthy purchases following Microsoft's recent acquisition of Mojang for $2.5 billion. Mojang is known for its video game titles such as Cobalt and Scrolls. It is also the birth company of one of the trendiest game franchise in the gaming industry: Minecraft.

As mentioned above, Activision paid $18 per share and to pay this massive amount. What the company also done aside from getting $3.6 billion cash out of their balance sheet is that they also loaned the remaining $2.3 billion to fully acquire King Digital.

While King Digital was unable to come up with another successful video game series such as Candy crush, it will expand up to 30% to Activision's revenue in addition to the vast user-based platforms. Together, the two corporations will have beyond 500 million user involvement periodically.

Despite being bought by Activision Blizzard presently, the Candy Crush founder will still run its business independently as an autonomous corporate under the management of the founder and acting CEO of King Digital Entertainment, Riccardo Zacconi.

With this pact Activision hopes to conquest the increasing mobile gaming commerce which earned $25 billion in revenue in the previous year and is likely to upsurge to $45 billion by the forthcoming years, at yearly progress rate of 15%.

Back in November 2015, Activision Blizzard initially proclaimed its goal to obtain King Digital Entertainment. When firstly stated, the corporation said that it anticipated the contract to be settled by spring 2016.

Parties included in the company appear to be satisfied at the rapidity of the acquisition. Activision Blizzard expects that the agreement will get revenues of $6.25 billion for 2016, with operating income of beyond $2 billion.

The business also has proclaimed that King Chief creative officer Sebastian Knutsson and chief operating officer Stephane Kurgan will also stay committed to their corporal roles.

Though, As King is now an exclusively possessed subordinate of Activision Blizzard, the business halts its public trades in its current index of New York Stock Exchange.

Trading Performance


According to various analysts, Activision is one of the trending stocks in the gaming sector right now. The gaming giant has been performing bullishly since its earnings report and is expected to continue such performance especially E3, one of the biggest gaming conference, is fast approaching. Activision will unveil more details of its biggest gaming franchise: Call of Duty WWII in the said conference. 

As for its recent candle, the stock began its trades at 58.57 and closed at 58.58 with a high of 58.78 and a low of 58.13. Its RSI level was last found at 70.67 which labeled it as an overbought stock. Coppock Curve had a slight downward performance at the positive region, specifically at 12.75 – a buy signal for Activision.

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