The electronic commerce giant, Amazon, has recently unveiled a social network platform for its customers and buyers; the new social network would be dubbed as the Spark. The new platform is expected to be more than a social space where you can post your pictures and videos; it looks to be a promising one that is going to be helpful in choosing new products the users like.

The Spark is looking to be something similar to the popular social network Pinterest; the goal of the whole new platform is for users and customers to buy more products on Amazon. Ideally, the user interface and experience are similar of that on Instagram; this gives users to scroll down and up on their feed and potentially see something they like and buy it.


Spark What?

According to Amazon on an introduction of the new platform, "Whether you're looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover -- and shop -- stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like,"

The application is available for beta on the iOS version of the Amazon app, and the current location availability is restricted to the United States as of the moment. The big caveat of Spark is only available with Amazon Prime member only. According to a spokeswoman for Amazon, "When customers first visit Spark, they select at least five interests they'd like to follow and we'll create a feed of relevant content contributed by others. Customers shop their feed by tapping on product links or photos with the shopping bag icon."

Amazon is looking to capitalize on the growing number of hours users and individuals consume per day; the retailing giant is also looking to have a boost on its content produced by diversifying it with the new Spark. The new additional feature Amazon has introduced prompted a new call to action with its prime members; it is tagging their products and allowing other members to purchase the same products directly by simply tapping the image.


Amazon Collaborations and Acquisition

Another amazing plan Amazon has on its sleeves is its partnership with one of the biggest brand globally, Nike. According to the President and CEO at Nassau Business Funding & Services, Inc. “Nike partnering with Amazon is yet another sign that, storefront retail as it has been traditionally known, is continuing on the road to ‘collapse’.”

On the other hand, Jefferies’ analyst Jeff Bezos noted this on the recent Whole Mart acquisition, "Amazon's planned purchase of Whole Foods further widened the valuation spread between consumer stocks the markets views as resistant to the AMZN threat and those viewed as vulnerable,"  and "That's opened up opportunities."

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