One of the biggest online retailers in the whole world recently reported that they managed to tally a whopping 5 billion shipped items last 2017 to their Prime customers. According to Amazon, they managed to record a whopping 5 billion items shipped last year, exclusively to their Prime members and a lot more to their non-Prime customers.

One more thing that the top online retailer in the world also managed to report a massive growth on their Amazon Prime membership due to the added benefits; 2017 has been the best year for their Prime membership run as opposed to the latter years.

This is the first time and the only instance that the e-commerce giant unveiled a fraction of details to their previous year shipments. This is a great step-up from Amazon as compared to 2016’s where they gave no actual figures for their performance.


Amazon Prime's Success

According to the company, the Fire TV stick and some of its home improvement gadgets such as the smart devices Echo Dot and more took the top spots on the most bought and most shipped items for the previous year.

They revealed that the Prime members opted for the home smart devices as a staple for 2017 as they managed to trample all of the other categories. Amazon Prime membership gives its customer a massive free two-day shipping on some of the certain products, unlimited streaming of the movies and TV shows that are available in Prime Video.

More Amazon Prime Details

These features and additional extras have been really pleasing and alluring a bunch of new clients and customers this year; the Amazon Prime is also opened to several countries which include Mexico, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, and a massive 16 countries more around the globe.

According to Amazon, 2017 also pushed boundaries in terms of sales on their massively celebrated days which are; Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and even the whole stretch of the holiday season. Looking at in-depth figures, the Prime Day 2017 managed to scoop a massive 60% increase from a year over year.

More on the company’s figures, the app-based sales were up by a massive 50% on a year over year from the last Cyber Monday sales. Furthermore, the e-commerce giant also managed to bag a massive number of sales with their Alexa speakers.


Bezo’s Note, Stock Shoots Up

Amazon’s current CEO Jeff Bezos also mentioned that loyalty and repeat purchase was the integral parts of the business. Bezo also mentioned that Prime membership program is poised for an upgrade which is going to bridge the Fresh food delivery, Pantry household supplies and the success they have with consumer electronics.

Amazon’s stocks were also positive as the company drops the massive figures from their 2017 run; the tech giant’s stock managed to strike a 1.5% increase at $1, 1187 on afternoon trading. 

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