On Thursday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that Amazon.com Inc will be paying a penalty worth $1.2 million in settlement of almost 4,000 violations of a law in the United States in the prevention of a harmful pesticide exposure through illegal sales.

While Amazon claimed that the imported and unlicensed pesticide products were sold by third-party sellers through the website, it would still settle and agreed with the EPA in monitoring closely and removing illegal pesticide products from its platform as a part of their efforts in reducing the number of illegal pesticides available in the giant e-commerce platform.

According to Federal regulates, the agreement would settle the violations committed between 2013 until 2016 which amounted to almost 4,000 violations. The said illegal and unlicensed pesticides reportedly included chalk and cockroach bait powder insecticides by independent sellers and were offered on Amazon.com.

The said products were also reportedly sold through a program where Amazon was provided products by sellers and then stored at its warehouses ready for shipping after being purchased as revealed by EPA pesticide enforcement team lead Chad Schulze.


EPA Region 10 Administrator Chris Hladick also stated that the agreement would reduce the online sale of illegal pesticides dramatically. He also added that illegal pesticides pose a serious threat to the health of the public in communities across America. The packaging of the said products reportedly also posed a threat due to its similarity to toys or candy products which may be opened or played with by Children.

The director of the office of compliance and enforcement at EPA Region 10 office of compliance and enforcement director Ed Kowalski also stated that the penalty was one of the biggest of its kind with Amazon not admitting or denying the allegations from the EPA.

On the other hand, Amazon has announced that it would continue on innovating in behalf of their customers and in working with brands, manufacturers, government agencies, law enforcement, and others in protecting the marketplace integrity.

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