American Express has recently announced its recent acquisition of Mezi which is a personal travel assistant app. The mobile software helps consumers manage, plan and book trips with a simplified platform that allows them to message or request for flights, hotel or restaurant reservations. The app also offers recommendations and provides travel arrangements.

As founded in 2015, Mezi’s (AI) and human expertise has been utilized to enhance and personalize the online travel discovery and booking experience of its clients.  The application also uses the preferences of its clients to make its client experience more efficient and smarter over time.


American Express logo on display at the AMEX Centurion Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, set on a wooden background.

“Mezi’s AI-powered experience opens up exciting new ways for us to connect with and serve our Card Members and creates opportunities for us to build more meaningful relationships with them,” Vice President of American Express Digital Labs Phil Norman, told reports. “With messaging emerging as channel of choice for many, and the demand for unique experiences increasing, we believe the combination of Mezi’s capabilities with our global network of expert travel counselors creates a differentiated, high-touch service experience for our Card Members.”

The American Express Ventures along with the Strategic Investment arm of American Express, and the American Express Card Members invested in the company in 2016 before fully acquiring it. The credit card company added that anyone who is currently under AskAmex pilot will still be fully functional for the time being. However, the run might only be on the first half of 2018.

 “American Express has always been synonymous with superior service and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join the company,” Co-Founder and CEO Mezi Swapnil Shinde stated in a report.

Mezi will now be running as an exclusively-owned subsidiary of American Express. It will not stop developing its essential technologies and will continue improving its capabilities as digital travel concierge service.

 “We’ve built Mezi to become better with each and every interaction and based on the success of our pilot with American Express, we are excited to bring Mezi’s mobile capabilities to more Card Members,” Shinde added.

Furthermore, the company’s co-founders will still be the head of Mezi. He will now report to the Vice President of Amex Digital Labs, Global Consumer Services Group at American Express Phil Norman.

“I’m excited to welcome Mezi’s talented team to American Express. Together, we will continue to innovate mobile travel and concierge experiences for our customers,” added Mr. Norman.

Trading Performance


After a series of massive down trends, American Express managed to get back a portion of the bulls it failed to uphold in its recent trades. The recent bull domination recorded a 2.36% increase from yesterday’s trades which is also a 2.17 upsurge as well.

AmEx recovered from being marked as an oversold stock in its recent session. It is currently at 36.34 in its Relative Strength Indication.

As for its Coppock Curve, the indicator failed to mirror the major uptrend. It maintained a downtrend under the negative region which would recommend a sell for the stock. It is currently on the level of -6.65 at the time being.  

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