Apple, which has been known for their product’s premium and high prices is now joining the Black Friday sale hype. This was announced in a teaser advertisement Apple placed in their website announcing a one-day shopping event this coming Friday which is not in coincidence of the much awaited event. The company also have reported to have emailed companies regarding a 24-hour sale special.

The advertisement that featured an Apple watch showing a Save the date reminder for November 25 or the Black Friday date, comes with a statement telling everyone to check back on their website this Friday for the shopping event. Although Apple did not make a clear or direct announcement, the teaser did make it clear that the company is back from its Black Friday hiatus from last year.

Other retailers such as network providers all over the country are offering special discounts and deals on new devices and plans even on Apple products even their latest flagship product which is the iPhone 7.

Although deals on the new MacBooks are clearly out of question since the product has not been officially released yet, many are speculating that Apple would offer deals on their Apple Watch line as it was used in their teaser advertisement in their website.


Apple Black Friday Deals

A $125-off is being offered by Best Buy on all of their 9.7 inch iPad Pro units which goes around $475 to its online price of $799 depending on the memory capacity. The iPad Pro is the company’s highest iPad model designed for professional and on the go users. Aside from the huge discount, Best Buy is also placing a 50% off tag on iPad Pro cases which can start at as low as $20 while warehouse retailer Sam’s Club is offering a higher discount for the said product at around $175 on all iPad 9.7 inch versions even the cellular models. Deals on recent MacBook units are also being offered by Best Buy starting with a $200 off on selected MacBook Air units.

Even third-party retailers are offering great deals on purchases of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus under special network plans. Discount retailer giants such as Target have offered a $250 Target gift card for every purchase of the said phone while

AAPL Stock Overview


Despite Trump’s Presidential victory posting threats to the Apple being one of the biggest technology stocks facing potential changes led by Trump’s plans to change certain trade policies, this was blocked out with Trump stating that he is still going for a deal with Apple.

Trump’s plan is to get Apple to build a plant in America where their products would be manufactured. Apple currently is having their products manufactured in Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. According to the President-elect, one of his goals is to get huge American companies whose products are being made elsewhere to build plants in the country. The aim of the goal, according to Trump was to bring more jobs in the country a plan he have repeatedly campaigned for over the course of the U.S. elections. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has stated that he understands Trump’s plan but has not formally commented regarding the matter. Cook is known to have helped host Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the election. Apple and other experts over the past years have explained how it would not be practical to build a plant that would produce thousands of units in the U.S. as there is a small number of suppliers in the country. Trump also announced that he would offer the company incentives and tax incentives among others should the company agree to his proposal.

AAPL shares which have dropped to $105.83 at the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections have recovered a week ago to a rally in their stocks for six consecutive sessions recently. Additionally, AAPL shares recently closed ay $111.23.

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