The tech giant, Apple, is looking to introduce its new data center in Denmark; this will be the second country that will be running entirely on renewable energy. This is the second time this year that Denmark was made a center for big companies, such as Facebook, to build their data center in the country.


Apple’s Nordic Data Center

According to Apple Inc.’s recent announcement, the company is looking to invest as much as 6 billion Danish crowns or a total of $921 million on building and producing their new data center that’ll be based in Denmark. Apple mentioned that they are expecting to run the data center’s operations somewhere around the second quarter of 2019.

The data center’s exact location would be at Aabenraa in Southern Denmark, and it is near the German border. On a statement by the Nordic manager for Apple, Erik Stannow, "We're thrilled to be expanding our data center operations in Denmark, and investing in new sources of clean power," and "The planned facility in Aabenraa, like all of our data centers, will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one, thanks to new clean energy sources we're adding,"

The coverage of the data center would be the entirety of Europe; the data center will be powering the company’s online services which include their iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps, and even Siri. Denmark has been one of the greatest hubs for this renewable energy data center with their huge amount of wind energy and biomass energy.

Stannow mentioned that. "The reliability of the Danish grid is one of the main reasons we will operate two sites in Denmark,"


Ireland’s Data Center

Apple also announced last 2015 that they are planning on creating a data center on Athenry, Ireland; but the construction and development are still on hold. According to the company’s spokeswoman, "The proposed data center is currently under judicial review,"

Apple’s Greener History

The big tech company has been big with environmental support since 2011. They turned away from the use of coal to power up the majority of their data center, thus looking to use renewable energy instead; by 2014, they announced that a total of 100% of its data centers and 94% of their corporate facilities are fully powered by renewable energy.

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