As the market digest the start of the annual festive worldwide developer’s conference, the multitech juggernaut has shown indications of transforming into a services company.

Recently, Apple disclosed one billion devices from its user base covered approximately $.5 billion services revenue from October to December. The company slowly has been making its way to turn into a services company.

In line with this, Apple hastens the approval of its application and may lessen the revenue cut from the apps sold through subscription. Developers will likely be permitted to pay to promote their respective apps.

An analyst shared that the plan of Apple is a high margin opportunity that will actually improve the experience for users. Further, one of the global financial services concluded that Apple’s business is beginning to shift from hardware to services.

Apple boosts  its services sector through the projected modifications of the program used for iPhones, the improvement of Apple Music, the development of iMessage and the new regulations for the App Store.

There has been a palpable marginal growth of the iPhone sales in the first quarter, however it slid during the following period. Market players stayed focused on how the company will face the changes amid its healthy supply of cash.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

At the start of the annual worldwide developers conference earlier today in San Francisco, investors expected the company to deal with the slipped of iPhone shares, the decline of the stock and the shift of the business  of Apple.


In addition to, the upgrades on the iOS, OS X and the launch of new TV services are expected to be discussed. Other software and hardware changes together with the developer tools are also on the lists of the tech savvies.

In general, the market also awaits for the release of new products and services during the five-day annual conference.

Apple’s App Store

One of the most talked about business sectors of the American tech company was the changes involved in App Store. The previous week, Apple announced that it would carry out ads to the store, permit any category of app to use subscriptions and will make review times much faster for developers.

Developers who are selling on the App Store usually acquire 10 percent of the revenue from the application and Apple gets 30 percent. After the announcement, the developers under the subscription fee could have 85  percent profit in the second year, thus more customers could drive more money.

“I think a lot of developers (and other industry folks) who don’t follow the App Store super closely would be surprised at how many apps are already doing quite well with subscriptions, even ones that don’t have killer services and/or content,” a tech expert said as most of the apps turns out to be subscription based.


Shares of Apple changed hands lower as it declined 0.82 percent after opening at $98.53. The American multinational technology company has a market capitalization of 542.16 billion and a price earnings ratio of 11.  Apple has a dividend yield of 2.31 percent and an EBITDA of $78.50 billion.