The tech giant was granted a permit to test self-driving cars in its hometown, California. Apple has been really delving into the automobile market; they have shown interest in the developing self-driving car and are currently looking to align their mobile and computer software to its autonomous journey for a better and innovative car that can potentially tally up with big industry players such as Tesla.

According to the recent news, Apple’s 41-page application document has been acknowledged by the California Department of Motor Vehicle; although no further plans were given by Apple. They are looking to participate in the race were fellow mobile phone maker and technology purveyor such as Google, are currently riding.


Apple: No Further Plans

The permit was granted last April 14, but the California-based company wasn’t looking to do any test, neither did they announce any possible ones publicly.  Along with the documents submitted, a 10-page training plan was included; the documents reveal a plan for drivers and operators to manually take back control of the car during the automated driving tests for the system.

Analysts Take On Possible Apple’s Car

Gene Munster, an analyst from capital firm Loup Ventures said that "In an ideal world, Apple's car project would involve the company building the actual automobile, combining hardware and software," Munster also mentioned that; in Apple’s case, just like their iPhone and other gadgets, both software and hardware are both manufactured by the company to give their consumers a superior experience.


Munster also wrote that "In reality, the complexity of designing and manufacturing a vehicle may push the company to integrate deeply with an automotive partner or partners in an effort more similar to the Apple TV — plugging Apple's technology into an existing product." Currently, Apple’s in-car operating system is called CarPlay, this enables users to browse on a screen incorporated into the vehicle to access apps or even send a message.

Munster literates that Apple is still greatly behind amongst Tesla and Google, both companies have been running and working autos that are burning rubber on the road now, while Apple still looks at possible years on even completing a design for a car.


Apple Car: Sooner than Later?

Rumors about Apple’s voyage on building its own car has been surfacing quite rampantly this year, but on the contrary, having to create a whole vehicle would likely be a blunder. A partnership is likely needed by Apple because of all the complexities that making an auto tag with, according to several analysts.

Another letter from Apple to the California’s Department of Motor Vehicles noted that the platform will include the ability to capture and store relevant data before a crash occurs. To be clear, the permit doesn’t reveal any strong justification for an actual Apple car, it can be a test operating system or a self-driving platform that can be installed on cars manufactured by another company. 

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