Since just after they went on sale last month, multiple reports have shown up claiming that the batteries in Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have been swelling and causing the case to pop open. There have at least been five reports of the incident, which evidently show deformed phones, swollen batteries, and disintegrated display from the mainframe.

Battery Issue Reports

The first report of iPhone 8 issue came from a woman in Taiwan, who found her iPhone 8 plus split open while it was being charged using the supplied cable. In addition, other markets where the complaints have been filed include Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, China, and Greece.

According to a publication that released reports of the issue, the reported swollen devices are showing similar symptoms and are likely to come from a single bad batch that was made during the production.

Some users are reporting that their devices arrive with the issue, which renders them non-functional.

All the reported instances only show that the tech giant could have a great dilemma on its hands, especially post the Note 7 crisis last year, as millions of iPhone 8 units have already been sold.

As per Apple, they are investigating the issue. Some of the phones were even collected by mobile operators for investigation.

So far, there have been no reports of burning or explosions related to the new iPhone, which should calm the uncertainties of a chaotic design flaw similar to Samsung  Galaxy Note 7 meltdown. Samsung’s phones caught fire frequently enough that they were recalled altogether, costing the South Korean company an estimated $5 billion including lost revenue. As a result, Samsung is now working on solid-state batteries, which have a lesser chance of exploding, a report said.

That instance caused many tech companies to become stricter with their safety protocols. As such, it is likely that Apple is working around the clock to fix the issue with the iPhone 8 Plus.


About the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were introduced on September 12 and went on sale on October 22 in some markets around the world. The tech firm is expected to have shipped millions of iPhone 8s till date and reports on manufacturing problems with the handsets are not surprising. However, after Galaxy Note 7’s battery debacle last year, this iPhone 8 battery swelling is alarming to both consumers and manufacturer.

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