The International Data Corporation  reports that global tablet shipments are position to decline by 5.9 percent from the previous year to 195 million units this year. Then again, International Data Corporation  anticipates two in one tablets, branded as detachable devices to give remarkable development in coming years. Tablets were the trend, many years ago, although smartphones still not as famous. Nevertheless, as buyers gathered toward bigger screened phones, and simply upgraded tablets once every four years, insignificance hit the part.

International Data Corporation  anticipates the market for detachable devices to develop from 16.6 million deliveries in 2015 to 63.8 million in the year 2020. With its Surface series, Microsoft Corporation presented the detachable tablet segment. Consequently, competition has brought in better designs, innovation, and competitive cost. As Microsoft permitted Windows 10 licenses for other detachable devices, companies like Huawei, Dell, HP, and others are all preparing to have their chance.


Apple is Looking Forward for the Perfect Moment to Attack

Apple released the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, the previous year, to be part of the detachable-device market. Reports around that period guess that the device would have Mac OSX connected on it. 

But, when the tablet was released with iOS, frustration struct. The customers irritation and suspicion were justified, as Microsoft consumers got a full blown Windows 10, although Apple users just got iOS. It is likely that Apple did this,  so in the future it can release another detachable device with Mac OSX as the main operating system (OS).

It is possible that we may see MacBook same to the Surface Book that may not be economical. It would go perfectly with the new device, since right now Apple has its Pencil.  Apple is looking forward for the right time to put it in the market and balance the decrease in iPad sales.

However, we do not think through the iPad Pro as a detachable device as its keyboard has to be purchased individually. Surface Book has a keyboard included in the cost of the device. So essentially, the iPad Pro is just another iPad and Apple might issue a detachable Mac laptop after the market is totally dead.

Additionally, Apple is anticipated to release a 9.7 inch iPad Pro in March, as an upgrade to the former iPad Air 3. Though the probability of a touch Mac cannot be eliminated.

What a Touch Mac Means for the Market?


International Data Corporation  statistics indicate us that Android is the leading OS in the detachable-device market. This year, It has 18.2 percent market share, and International Data Corporation  anticipates it to inch low to 18.1% by the year 2020. Then again, Microsoft  owns 53.3 percent share right now that is anticipated to reach 74.6 percent in the next four years.

International Data Corporation data combines modern devices, based on which the numbers for iOS are low, while it holds 28.5 percent market share of the detachable-device market, the company is anticipated to have just 7.3 percent market share by 2020. It is extremely doubtful that Apple will not upgrade its listing of iPad Pros, or that it will just propose a touch Mac so that it can increase a respectable large piece of the market. Apple’s entry in this part with a touch Mac OSX is anticipated to make Microsoft users dispose their Surface Books to go for Apple’s well built machine.

Regardless, no indication still that Apple will propose a detachable, touch Mac. Although, what we do know is that the firm will not stay out of this market section, if rivals like Microsoft continue to eat up market share.

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