Asian stocks rallied higher opening this week despite the alarming North Korean missile test over the weekend and the enormous ransom-ware that terrorized countries and establishments. The global ransom-ware threat found its way to more than 100 countries and thousands more companies and establishments. Asian stocks also surged with the weaker than expected U.S. data.

Some Asian stocks reached up to a two-year high opening today’s market. North Korea’s bold move with their nuclear program has been a stench on the market; the most recent, launching missiles that were dispensed in a sea that is relevantly close to Russia, according to recent reports.


Asian Stocks Bolstered Over Weak US Data

The Australian stock S&P/AX 200 has seen silver lining earlier as the market opens, the stock grew by 0.08% just after the bell rings. Chinese stocks were also on the greener side of the pasture, as stocks such as Hang Seng index gaining as much as 0.56% and the Shanghai Composite adding another 0.26%, and the Shenzhen Composite increasing much as 0.461% earlier today.

On the other hand, Singapore’s Genting Singapore surges a total of 6.02%, this is after the company’s first-quarter reports were made public; the company reported 16.7 times higher on a year-on-year period. According to Nomura’s Tushar Mohata and Apla Aggarwal on a note, the company is still a strong buy and they are also expecting that their share to re-rate before companies come flocking and integrating resorts in Japan.


Some Asian Stocks That Were Underperforming

Japan’s stock, the Nikkei 225 index has crashed at least 0.18% today; this is due to the higher yen. The main concern is also put on vast cyber-attacks that are currently happening, the malware has been disrupting load of businesses, and this made operations from various establishments to halt including hospitals, schools, and shops. According to Yoshihiro Okumura of Chibagin Asset Management, "We still don't know how much impact it has on Japanese companies. There is uncertainty looming, and when there is uncertainty, investors take profits,"

While automobile giants such as the Toyota Motor Corp lost 0.8%, Nissan Motor Co also sheds some 1.4%, and the Panasonic Corp also losing 0.6% today. The tech conglomerate Toshiba has been on another debacle, reporting a net loss of 950 billion yen over the last financial year.


Kospi under Pressure on Geopolitical Debacle

Another underperforming Asian stock that is currently under enormous pressure is the Kospi; the Korean stock suffered a massive recession in the earlier market as geopolitical tension arises after North Korea’s nuclear missiles exercise. News from North Korea’s KCNA verified that the launch was for a “large scale heavy nuclear warhead.” According to James Wood of Rivkin said that "We are seeing safe havens bid a little higher. Certainly contributing to this was the launch of another missile test by North Korea over the weekend," he ended saying. "The Korean won has weakened, which may suggest the test has traders a little on edge."

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