The Asian market found a new found light just before the weekends; Asian stocks surge as tech gains extends their rampage after the results from the Federal Reserve’s minutes from their meeting were revealed. Most investors took a breather and rolled their dices on the Asian market after policymakers turn cautious on the current inflation rate.

One of the highlights on the minutes, disregarding the inflation rate talk, was the huge gap between the resurgence and the timing for the next impending interest rate hike. The dollar was also pressured on slower paced momentum the Feds are suggesting.


Asian Indices Surges

The collation of Asian stocks was on high grounds this Thursday, these are some which performed tremendously today; The Australian main index grew by a good 0.1%. Meanwhile, the South Korea’s SEU and New Zealand’s MZ50GR bought bagged great figures, with a total of 0.6% and 0.2% respectively. One solace that the Korea’s Kospi had found was with Samsung’s surge, the index grew by a whopping 1.8%.

Great performance from tech stocks also manages to buoy the great rally that each stock had today. On the other hand, Taiwan’s Pegatron was soaring by a total of 1.66% increase, Foxconn sitting atop a 1.49% increase as well. The last of the bunch, Catcher, manages to climb by a massive 2.30% as of the time of writing. The Taiex index was also increased by incremental percentage at 0.8%.

One of the region’s best, Tencent, was also caught in the array of surges provided by the Fed’s meeting. The giant tech stock was up by at new levels before settling at an incredible 1.9% increase. The company’s second quarter results showed great strength and pushed the stocks on greater sails. The great increase from Tencent also tapers the bleeding to the Hang Seng index which was down by a total of 0.2% today.


Fed’s Meeting and More

The Federal Reserve took the main spotlight this Thursday as the unanimous vote from law makers to not have the interest rate unchanged and steady.  On the other hand, the United States’ Central Bank also signaling that it wants to remain on the back end of the 2% mark that they have been riding for the past 2 years.

Investor’s reaction has been good, if not better, for the regional markets according to a plethora of analysts and investors. Asian country’s such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand were all increasing today due to the Fed’s minutes, while Indonesia’s market closes for a holiday today. Singapore took a denting blow with negative figures being tallied due to its financial and telecom stocks struggle.

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