Aston Martin is in plans to release it initial public offering in line with Ferarri’s of two years ago.

According to sources, Aston Martin is still awaiting for its latest results before officially instigating its first ever IPO. Once done, the auto company is expected to be listed under a London exchange as early as next year.

Aston Martin is currently owned by Investindustrial and Kuwait’s Adeem Investment and Investment Dar – both of which are italian companies. And according to reports, the Italian firm is planning a share price of $52, which values approximately $9.8 billion.

Conversely, Investindustrial told reports that there was no clear plan or movements on the potential IPO but admitted banks had suggested to the company to start doing so and right now, Aston Martin is currently pitching ideas about it. 

Aston Martin always considered doing an IPO. In actual fact, Aston Martin had plans of potential IPO’s over the past years twice. Under the supervision of former CEO Ulrich Bez, the company attempted to do such back in 2011 but unfortunately, was unable to do so.

Acting CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, has a motivated strategy to construct a subsequent industrial unit and enlarge the roster to a diverse group of auto-bodies counting sedans and an SUV. Palmer also desires to present electrical powertrains to the trademark, tallying to the pricey expansion bill.

Up to now, Aston Martin has been dependent on financing from its possessors as well as the filing of bonds, with March as the most recent one.

Ferrari’s Forecast

In other news, Ferrari just posted a remarkable first quarter returns which had attracted investors to nurture their forecasts as soon as possible.

Ferrari, which started its IPO two years ago, reported that its first quarter profits jumped to $265 million from $195 million in the similar era of 2016.

 “Ferrari is demonstrating margin performance 3 years ahead of our expectations and is pursuing the balance of aggressive line expansion while preserving the hyper-exclusive mystique of the brand,” Analyst Adam Jonas told reports.

After the results news broke weeks ago, Ferrari’s stock price escalated to further in the charts.

According to Jonas, his target price for Ferrari is now the equivalent of just over 91 euros. Ferrari is extremely anticipating breaking the yearly 10,000 sales, extensively supposed to be a thoroughgoing. 

Last year, Ferrari sold 8,014 cars and is planing to sell 8,400 in the current year. The goal for 2019 is 9,000, thus 10,000 is far beyond what the company is expecting.

Trading Performance


Ferrari, as seen above, can be considered a trending stock right now. Ferrari’s latest bull candle opened at 84.00 and closed at 84.79 with a high of 84.88 and a low of 83.94.

For its RSI levels, the auto stock is close to reaching the 70’s region meaning that it’s close to be considered as overbought. Currently, it is at 69.53.  As for its Coppock Curve, the indicator appears to be falling but is far from the negative region. Right now, it is at 18.82 - a positive region that would indicate a buy for the stock.

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