Yesterday, The Australian Dollar slumped after receiving the announcement from the Reserve Bank of Australia in which the bank reported that they will remain the interest rates on hold and chose to abstain from proposing traders from any insinuations that furthermore pull down the Aussie globally.

In its place, Philip Lowe, RBA Governor, told in a statement that the currency was outré on the fence, while maintaining the certified cash percentage stable at 1.5 per cent, where it has been last year’s August.

The Aussie was reinforced ahead of the conference while having bets that the RBA might trail with the example of other central banks like the decisions made in the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada which all made tight policies in their currencies.

More so, the Australian Job Market statistics have shown good development in the recent months with some economist claiming that such will appeal to the RBA to put more optimism with the currency.

Though, it generally chose to be unmoved with the preceding decisions made in the recent meeting. This can perhaps restrain the Australian dollar on reaching 80c - a result that is believed to cause more risks than advantages to the Australian economy.

The Aussie Dollar against the US Dollar was last seen trading at 0.7580 regions which opened at 0.7604. It generally declined -0.31%\


Chief economist at AMP Capital Markets, Shane Oliver, told reports that the RBA was sensible to not imitate the decisions of other banks because this can again can pull down the currency at about 1%.

Moderately evident, the RBA rests anxious about it that “an appreciating exchange rate would complicate” as the fine-tuning in the economy supports the mining investment hype. Accepting a belligerent slope would only have swelled to that dread,” Oliver explained further.

As stated in Lowe’s statement, RBA Governor Lowe specified that the job market pointers stayed variegated, though employment development has been sturdier over latest months.

Wage growth rests stumpy, Lowe specified, and this “is likely to continue for a while yet.”

Lowe also signified in a statement that in the early periods of this year, he was disinclined to lower the rates, dreading it would encourage a further surge in house value.

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