The retail sales figures of Canada rose 0.6 percent in from February to March after indicating strong numbers on automobile sales. According to statistics Canada, the sector had C$50.24 billion ($39.18 billion) during the period.

The retail sales sector saw growth in most of its segments. Specifically, 11 of its subsectors represented the 53% sales trade for the period. Additionally, the retail sales’ volume added 0.8% as well during the said months.

Sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers rose 3 percent, lifted by demand for new cars. Discounting the data recorded for the motor vehicle sales, retail sales recorded a decline of 0.2% in March. In volume terms, the figures noted an increase of 0.8% after the elimination of price changes effects.

More so, the data also revealed a 0.6% which surpassed the estimated data of just 0.3% for the period. This was believed to be the biggest gain since October of last year. Furthermore, a revised data of 0.5% from 0.4% was also announced for the data recorded for February.


Cityplace shopping mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sales volume for the same period also noted a 0.8% increase. This excluded the effects of the price changes during the months.

Auto sales for March which included parts dealers recorded a 3% rise. This was supported by the apparent demand for new cars in Canada.

Likewise, the consumer data also indicated that clothing sales also managed to pick up some numbers. During the period, the subsector added 2.5% whereas the purchases at general merchandise stores saw 1% upsurge during the period.

The gains were counterbalanced by a 1.2% decline in the food sales sector. More so, it is also indicated that the gasoline station subsector also noted a 1.9% decline which was believed the be the after effects of the higher pump prices during the said months.

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