In announcement, Global Brands Global Brands Group Holding Limited revealed its new partnership with Bebe Stores, Inc. The partnership aims to re-launch Bebe Stores’ eCommerce platform and revive its global brick-and-mortar shops.

This would be a first from Bebe to restructure its eCommerce, direct-to-consumer and international sectors underneath the supervision of Global Brands. With this association, the luxury fashion retail will be capable to attain its targeted consumers within its Bebe Stores.

Within the increasing worldwide eCommerce industry, it was fairly an expected realignment by Global Brands to take possession of Bebe Stores’ eCommerce division. The corporation will be focused on the direction of amassing the establishment’s consumer platform and generating a well-knit Omni-channel system from a universal outlook.

The project is estimated to take on developmental opportunities for both companies of Global Brands and Bebe Stores. As mentioned in recent news, Bebe Stores had been planning an action to expand its global platform and adapt to the mainstream online business –even planning to close some physical stores along the way. With the new partnership with Global, Bebe now has a renewed confidence about its plans correlated to its online business expansion.

Alternatively, Global Brands will expand from Bebe Stores’ opulent reputation in the realm of women‘s fashion. Global Brands can utilize the widespread influence of Bebe Stores’ goods such as apparels and accessories.

More so, Nathan Jenden has been appointed as the new Creative Director with the aim of making this project a triumph.

Given his outstanding designing knowledge and proven talent in the world of fashion, Jenden was excitedly accepted by the management of the company and is positive that Jenden would not only provide better sales, but also a better look from his designs.

Furthermore, Bebe has been facing struggles with its physical stores due to the rising competition plus the change in the habits of consumers. Most of these consumers would rather resort to online stores than paying a visit in the physical stores. This change was not only present in Bebe’s but also in a lot of fashion retailers such as Macy’s, American Eagle and JC Penny to name a few.

As mentioned above, Bebe is planning to close some stores in order to push through with its ecommerce plans.

Bebe’s Trades


Bebe traded higher in its recent sessions. Its recent candle recorded no lows while it added 0.23 to 4.43% and closed at 5.42 from its opening of 5.12. It also had a high of 5.44. It is considerably a good candle since it traded higher after the announcement of the ecommerce reopening. The stock would’ve fallen if no announcement was made.

Its RSI level mirrored the same performance and it jumped at around 7 points from the 50’s range. Currently, it is at 57.33

Meanwhile, its Coppock Curve is facing a down trend. It may have performed lower but it is still on the positive range of 9.38 – a buy range for the stock.

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