The world famous digital currency, Bitcoin, has been hitting the headlines this week because of the recent Bitcoin Fork that happened last week; but this time, a more positive circumstance happened for the digital currency. Bitcoin manages to steal the spotlight entering this week as it hit another all-time high and trampling most investors’ and analysts’ expectation.

Most talks and market speculation has been saying that the Bitcoin bubble may explode after the Fork last week, it has been a hot topic until the digital currency showed resiliency and fought through most expectations; backed up by investors, the crypto currency surges to new chart topping highs.


BTC Surges this Monday

Bitcoin has been wildly circling around the market as it reaches another milestone; it was an unexpected increase and surge as investors weigh the importance of Bitcoin or Bitcash and pushed the digital currency to an all new high of $3,400. There have been a handful of debate after the digital currency latches on the $3,000 levels last June; this even managed to spark the Bitcoin bubble threads and discussion.

According to the famous crypto hub and website, Coindesk, the prices of Bitcoin were emerging and managed to keep a good pace all throughout the day and snagged the 5% increase and were trading at the new peak of $3,451.86; it is up by a whopping $600 from its Friday price which was at the $2,900 levels.

Looking at the crypto currency’s performance as far as 2017 goes, it managed to triple in price this year alone and managed to hit a massive 18% increase these past few days of August. According to financial researches’ and analysts’; “confidence” is the best support all digital currencies are having this year that is sustaining their bullish run.


Bitcoin Fork

The most notable event that took part his August is the Bitcoin Fork or the Bitcoin Split; what this momentous event for the digital currency meant was that a minority of developers took their own path of development; spurring the Bitcoin Cash. This recent Bitcoin Split has been one of the biggest and famous digital currency forks in the past years; the other one was with Ether and Ethereuem Classic, although the split has a different reasoning, unlike Bitcoin’s Fork.

Analysts are currently weighing on today; they are saying that these are the times the one of the thrilling time for the crypto currency market and from the look of things; the digital coins are set to break new records in terms of capitalization and prices.

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