The biggest cryptocurrency in the market took the headlines today as it recedes by a massive$2,000 and more, dipping well below the $15,000 mark. The digital currency managed to shed the biggest loss it has suffered this year after hitting an all-time high.

Bitcoin was recently surging to the $20,000 mark this week; the rally was a continued surge from last week’s bullish performance which also propelled massive price jumps this week. Market data showed that eh cryptocurrency managed to hit the incredible $20,000 levels over the weekend before hovering well above $19,000 this week.


BPI Down

According to the Bitcoin Price Index of BPI by CoinDesk, the prices fell to abominable levels at $14,502 at the start of the trading session this day. The drop was a massive 27% when we look at the digital currency’s performance and price last December 17 which are reported to be at $19,783. This hasn’t been the latest dips that the cryptocurrency experience; several minor dips were also tallied last week.

The digital currency has been dealing with a massive volatile week, the prices drop just after hitting a massive surge which was relevantly closer to the luscious and lucrative $20,000 mark. Bitcoin, along with other top cryptocurrencies were also trading down.

Some of the massive dips the digital currency market is as follows; the Bitcoin cash was also bearish on the recent market with a whopping 26.9$ decline to $2,660, while the Ethereum was also having a hard time trading, dipping by a total of 17.3% to $719. The only digital currency that was having a remarkable run is the Ripple.

 Cryptocurrencies Dip

Despite having a sluggish week, Bitcoin cash has been having a remarkable year with a total of 600% increase since the hard fork occurred; the Ethereum was also having a great performance overall; the digital currency was up by a whopping 9,000% this year. On the other hand, the Litecoin has also been dipping lately is still tallying a massive 6,500% increase this year.

On the other hand, a handful of analysts and coin enthusiasts are still optimist on the future of the digital currency as Goldman Sachs recently unveiled their plans on the integration of their future Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading platform.


Goldman’s Bitcoin Platform

Goldman Sachs is looking to face several regulations this 2018; the firm has been one of the companies who has been riding the Bitcoin trading trend; the Chicago-based CBOE was the first to take the move and start their own platform last December 10.

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