The U.K. is in the plans to commence the Article 50 as an initiation of the ceremonial route for parting the EU by the completion of March, the state’s top EU-exit official said Tuesday as reported by the APA reports.

Article 50 of the Lisbon agreement displays how an EU nation might willingly depart the incorporation. The expression is unclear, however; practically the drafters thought that it is unlikely and as it would ever come into an execution. Nowadays, it is the focus of an argument between EU heads distressed for conviction in the wake of the Brexit vote.

“Any member state may decide to withdraw from the union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements” The article states.

In Stockholm, Brexit Secretary David Davis mentioned in a cooperative media symposium with Swedish EU Minister Ann Linde that he predicted that Prime Minister Theresa May to surprise the official course in the intended period.

Davis also expected the House of Lords, the greater hall of the legislature, may give back the newly submitted bill to the House of Commons for amendments, but everything will be fixed in a while. “They will do its job of scrutiny, we’ll have some passing backwards and forwards, we call it ping pong, you can imagine why, backwards and forwards of the bill, but I expect that to be resolved in good time before the end of March,” he added.

Linde expressed anxieties for about approximately 100,000 Swedes settling in the U.K. and 30,000 British residents living in Sweden, saying they “must not become a bargaining chip” in the Brexit debates.

"We are determined to get a good outcome for EU citizens in Britain and Brits in the EU, to protect the rights of British citizens and EU nation citizens and get an answer quickly," said Davis. "We would have liked to have an answer already, but it will be the very first thing on the negotiation agenda once they start. We understand people feel uncertain." He added

May earlier cited that an initial deal on post-Brexit civil liberties for EU people residing in the U.K. and British citizens living in EU countries stayed as a goal for her administration.

“This is an issue which I would like to agree quickly but clearly that requires the agreement of the rest of the EU” May stated on reports.

The notice was delivered by a preponderance of MPs succeeding a U.K. Supreme Court result which said the administration is in need to seek the legislative body’s sanction before initiating the article.

British electorates agreed to depart the EU in a vote held last June. By the end of March 2017, May insisted to prompt Article 50 as she planned to

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