Canon BioMedical has recently announced its latest geographic expansion in German-Speaking countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The company also revealed that is currently working with a new distributor namely BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH which will be responsible for the delivery of all of the Novallele goods in the mentioned nations. This would correspondingly include the freshly launched Novallele copy number assays.

"We are excited to complete our third geographic expansion this year," President and CEO of Canon BioMedical Akiko Tanaka, told reports. "We look forward to working with BIOZOL, an established and knowledgeable distributor, and are thrilled that the Novallele assays are now available in ten countries."

In further details, The Novallele copy number assays and Novallele genotyping assays are designed to identify single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), small and large indels, and copy number variations.

Canon BioMedical formulates direct DNA analysis by supplying functionally tested assays with the required modules. Moreover, each Novallele genotyping assay has an equivalent Novallele Control Set that is predominantly beneficial for experimentations minus the availability of a reference tester.


Canon is primarily known for its Camera Business, aside from the mentioned BioMedical Technology.

Determining genetic variations are now eased thanks to the Wild-type, heterozygous-mutant, and homozygous-mutant variant controls. The assays works with high-speed chemistry that permits a particular sample to be genotyped in less than an hour.

The Novallele genotyping assays, reagents, and controls in addition to the Novallele copy number assays and master mix are at the moment offered in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Products cited in the said release are for Research Use only, not for diagnostic measures.

Canon BioMedical is an exclusively owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. It is focused on vitalizing the biomedical study and healthcare societies by improving, producing, and marketing innovative technologies and solutions.

Trading Performance


Shares of Canon Inc. traded bearishly in its recent sessions. It has been on such trend since the beginning of the current month and may continue doing so if it fails to reverse in its coming trades. It finished its last trades at 37.88.

The Coppock curve of the company unfortunately entered the negative region in its recent trades as it maintained a similar downtrend as the performance above. At -0.71, a sell would be advised for the tech stock.

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