Capital One has decided to close down its Level Money App for the reason of the consumer finance data slowly changing in the recent periods and the forthcoming. Also, another reason as to why it closes is the growing rivalry over the personal financial apps in the modern generation.

Level Money was acquired by Capital One in 2015 in which aimed to keep its client interest with the growing PFM market space in that time.

According to a statement by the company, Capital One is to shut down the operations on the first of September this year.

"When we started Level Money back in 2013, there weren’t many tools to help people manage their money. We saw an opportunity to fix that—reinventing the banking experience to make managing money easier and more intuitive," Capital One told reports. "While we’ve had successes over the years, we are encouraged by how much the financial industry has changed - there are now a plethora of tools available to help you manage your money."

The staff behind the software added that they will remain supportive about Capital One and the partnership will not end there. New tools will be developed to keep the consumer demands intact for the current generation.

CEO’s Shares

In other news, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Capital One, Richard Fairbank, has discharged a massive quantity of shares in which amounted to at least $32 million, as stated by the Securities and Exchange Commission issuances.

Fairbanks had his stock options exercised at a buy value of 367,419 or $50.99 for each share. This is somehow lesser than the expected trading price marked on the 25th of July which was $87 per share, for a general price rate of $18.7 million.

An important amount of shares is owned by Fairbanks and is estimated to be at $5.9 million shares of stock that he was about to acquire within the span of 60 days. This is also 1.19% of the total shares generally. Total value of such is at $493 million in which most of them are in option form rather than in stock.

Trading Performance


Capital One failed to maintain its hype since the release of its earnings results. The bank faced an apparent downtrend after that date and has struggled to gather bulls for its trades. It mirrored the same performance in the past four periods in which could mean that it can still fall despite trading higher in the last session.

Its Relative Strength Index reflected the same performance in its trades. It was last seen at 55.64, halting a potential downtrend below the 50’s region.

Lastly, its Coppock curve signaled that the bull candle above can still fall. Despite trading in the positive region, specifically at 6.79, Capital One might head towards the negative zone in the coming trades. A hold on buy would be much preferred as it is still unstable in terms of trades.

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