Amazon announces the opening of their groceries in the future that features a cashier-less arrangement. The e-commerce giant is looking to enter the market with their massive brick and mortar locations that are looking to implement the way on how we do our groceries in the near future; the opening comes after several delays in the past.

This is going to be the first automated cash-less grocery that will hit the public; a lot of speculations and anticipations have been built up as the opening saw numerous delays and have been apprehended by the company one too many times.


Opening Details

After almost a whole year of delay, the cashier-less concept groceries are having an opening date and a lot of people are buzzing around the new experience that Amazon is bringing to the table. According to the company, the store will include the addition of “no lines, no checkouts, no registers" and this feature is looking to great a big trend for the future of groceries.

Amazon is looking to push the boundaries of the technology they currently handle this year despite having major check-out technology malfunctions last 2017, the company is still looking positively in the future of their automated groceries.

Tech behind Cashier-Less Groceries

The new technology is currently called the “Just Walk Out” and is looking to rely heavily on computers and their vision, and even relying upon through the implementations of deep learning algorithm and sensory fusion; these developments are also seen and observed through self-driving cars.

Furthermore, Amazon’s technology will constantly track and detect every customers’ activity which will involve what they’ll be having and returning to the shelves. They will also keep track all the items that you put on your virtual shopping cart and will eventually send you a message and a receipt as soon as you walk out of the store.


Grocery Details

According to Amazon, their brick and mortar stores are looking to feature a total of 1,800 square foot and are going to be introduced in the heart of Amazon’s Seattle campus; the grocery has been up and running under beta mode and is only and currently available for Amazon employees since its inception last 2016, and this year they are opening it to the public.

Employment Issue

The new groceries are also pointing a lot of concerns regarding its effect on the employment figures; there were nearly 3.5 million Americans who relied on cashier jobs last 2016 according to the Department of Labor. Amazon looks to eliminate these jobs and is currently looking to create a conundrum in the current labor status locally.

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