Casio has recently reported that it will be exiting the Digital Compact Camera business in which had become one of the known and leading products of the company before.

According to reports, Casio has announced that the demands for its compact cameras declined further and such will be the reason for it to exit the market. However, the company will still continue to develop higher-end cams though this official exit is expected to have an effect on the company's earnings estimates.

Casio has been (and is still) known for selling devices such as watches, electronic musical instruments, calculators, and projectors to name a few. However, reports claim that the website itself stopped selling Cameras.

Furthermore, Casio’s digital camera business experienced a lost of 500 million yen (around $4.57 million) on last year’s fiscal year of March 2017. This rooted from the compact digital camera shipments’ falling figures as reports states.

New PRO TREK Smart Watch


Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

On to the good news, the New PRO TREK Smart Watch has been officially announced. Casio has recently revealed the newest addition to its PRO TREK roster of outdoor watches: the WSD-F20A.

The watch will be operating under Google’s Wear operating system in where users can access the low-power GPS and full color maps with navigation which can also function even if ran offline.

Additionally, the device downloads map data which can be accessed by adventurers later on. It also supports outdoor activities meaning that it can be used in areas where cellular services aren’t available. This gives its users more time to fully enjoy the device and the adventure itself.

Trading Performance


Regardless of the bullish indications displayed during its recent session, the trading performance of Casio is still expected to decline. This can be supported by two factors. The Bollinger bands of the stock and the Coppock curve.

The Bollinger bands of the tech company are considerably wide at the time being. This means that despite the bullish candles, the stock is volatile.

Furthermore, the Coppock curve of the company managed to decline as well. While it did indicated this drop since last week, no further signals of recovery has been displayed meaning that it may face bearish movement soon. With this, a sell would be now advised for the stock.

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