Cattle Prices in the US soared after the announced price lift of meatpackers in the previous week. Monday, cattle futures for the October deliveries finished at its four-month high as it was supported by the beef processors posted stronger-than-expected prices paid to shelter faunas throughout the whole U.S. Plains state markets. This has surprised analysts consequently.

"No doubt, the packers were caught short," President of U.S. Commodities Don Roose, told reports. "The holiday buying started to show up, and apparently the packer was not well-covered for the orders."

As for the December deliveries of cattle futures which is actually the most traded futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, finished at a 2.1% increase or $1.234 a pound as it hit the limit of the market for potential uptrend. As mentioned above, the October-dated futures managed to hit its four-month high which added 3.6% accordingly.


Cattle Futures Rose on the news of the price lift done by meatpackers.

Strong consumer demand and retail sales prices made the profit margins of beef processor comparatively vigorous for the period which resulted to a better performance in the market despite the declining beef reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Numerous meatpackers will now be able to enter the cattle protected under futures data with farmers when November lands, analysts told reports.  A greater surge of cattle is estimated to arrive in the market, which will additionally increase the availability of the supplies by mid-November.

Suppliers of Beef may perhaps have a need to contend with intensifying provisions of pork, and subordinate rates for pork roasts and ham that may perhaps contend with beef slices for consumer cash.

As for the other livestock futures, December-dated lean hog futures was seen firm at 1.1% higher at 65.175 cents per pound.

Trading Performance


In its recent performance, the Cattle futures added 1.99% in its recent trades which finished at 123.00. It was indeed a four-month high as it added an outstanding amount of 2.400 points from its recent trades.

As for the Relative Strength Index, the commodity was recently marked as overbought as it reached the 70’s region after a dramatic jump. At 73.87, it Is possible that the future may remain as such had it continued to perform bullishly even if it is to expire soon.

The Coppock Curve was last seen at the positive zone of 4.99, Since such is a positive indication, a buy would be much recommended.  

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